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Weight Loss site to protect the privacy of personal information is received from you when using various services.

In order for the Weight Loss of the site to provide all services to you, sometimes it need to gather information about the users of these services.

- Uses Weight Loss cookies cookies site, which is a limited data on user preferences, such as search words and pages Visited pages most visited and preferred by User data helps women and fitness 2015 to meet the needs of users and the development of the site and its content services site.

Weight Loss site contains links to other sites contain. Is not responsible for the content of external websites, and the responsibility to use the user's responsibility.

- Uses Weight Loss site private analytical programs or through a third party to monitor cookies cookies and IP addresses to identify users' needs. This information is used to assemble you a personal files.

- As the Weight Loss site also register the title IP, which is a number that can set each computer that uses the Internet.

- As women and fitness 2015 site that uses the IP address to find out the geographic area in which a visitor enters the number of visitors, and the number of pages visited, and statistical and marketing and advertising purposes.

- The Weight Loss site through cookies cookies to collect data on the internet browser and operating system used, with the aim of improving the quality of services and knowledge of compatibility with the needs of users.

- Use the site in the women and fitness 2015 advertising programs from a third party such as Google Inc. and Google Ad Sense advertising program Google and collect information about visitors such as pages visited and the IP address in order to provide advertisements fit the user's interests and geographic location.

- Retain site Weight Loss confidentiality of information obtained from users, unless required by law to disclose it, or allowed to do so.

- When there is a complaint or further inquiries, please contact the Webmaster at e-mail:


Done at 08.03.2019 by the site manager.

This policy is subject to change without prior notice.
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