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Workout Schedule For Weight Loss - Extreme Weight Loss With This Crazy Workout

Having a workout schedule for weight loss is a whole new ball game compared to building muscle, training for a sport or a competition. I have the perfect schedule for you to lose weight, burn fat, get in shape and take ownership of this workout, and you new, sexy, lean body.

Days 1, 3 and 5

Half hour of cardio in the morning
Half an hour of cardio in the evening
This cardio should be different stuff, not just jogging all the time. Try elliptical machines, rowers, boxing, dancing, pump classes, body weight circuits. Heck, go outside and do 100 burpees and tell me that isn't a good cardio session! It is easy to create cardio routines for weight loss, doing them is the hard part!

Days 2, 4 and 6

Deadlifts - 3 sets of 25
Back squats - 4 sets of 30
Clean and press - 4 sets of 15
Burpees -  4 x 20
If you can survive this workout, you will see amazing results. Just do light weights for these exercises as the idea is fat loss, not muscle building, although you will build a bit of strength!

Just remember that fat loss is a two sided equation, you have to exercise, but you also have to have good nutrition, having one without the other is like doing the tango by yourself - pointless.

If you are serious about losing weight, burning fat and getting in sexy, lean shape, then you need to get the best information, mentor or a coach to help you achieve your goals fast and to kick you back into line when you fall to the side.

I have a brand new guide for your fat loss and muscle building success.

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Johnny is a full time fitness instructor and fat loss blog [] author.

He has been helping people lose fat, get six pack abs and build muscle successfully for the past few years after achieving his own success in redesigning his body.