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Walking for Weight Loss - Everything You Need to Start

Walking for weight loss is the most natural physical activity you can do in order to reduce your weight. It is simple as it requires neither specialized equipment nor dedicated sport facilities. And it is cheap. Very cheap.

What do you need to start walking for weight loss?

Basic level

I bet that you have everything that you need to start walking. On the most basic level you need just two things: a decision that you will walk regularly and a pair of comfortable shoes.

The first thing is more difficult to achieve. You must decide that you will walk regularly and schedule time for this exercise. Well, you need to keep this schedule later.

The second necessary thing, a pair of comfortable walking shoes is much easier to obtain. I guess that you can find such shoes at home. If you don't find any, just go to the shoe shop and buy simple snickers or trekking shoes. You don't need anything special or expensive. They need to be just comfortable.

Some more things

You may need some more things to do your walking workout. They aren't necessary but sometimes may be helpful.


I wear a reflective band on my arm when I walk or cycle in the dark. That may be a reflective zipper tag, sneaker ties or a reflective element stuck or sewn to your clothes. It makes you safe while you are walking in the evening. It let drivers see you from a long distance and may save your life.

A sport suit.

It let your feel comfortable while walking. But buying a new set is not "a must" at the beginning. Probably you have some kind of workout pants and a t-shirt in your wardrobe. If I walk in town I wear usually my jeans. They work as well.

A mobile phone.

It is necessary when you have a longer walk alone, especially in the area that you don't know. But you have one, don't you?

A raincoat.

Wearing a raincoat is much more comfortable that carrying the umbrella especially on a windy day. Your hands are free (or hidden in your pockets) and you can walk faster.

Further upgrades

After you start walking regularly you may want to buy some more gear that can make walking for weight loss more efficient and nicer. You may want to buy a pedometer, nordic walking sticks, more advanced walking shoes or a cool sport clothes. But start small and simple. Don't buy plenty of gear at the very beginning. Just start walking, lose pounds and gain health.