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Top 10 Superfoods Particularly for Weight Loss

Before I detail out - particularly for weight loss - top 10 superfoods (among many others), let me tell you something. I am in the health and fitness industry for more than 25 years now; such vast experience has made me realize the fact that weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance (overall good health) directly depends on the given four factors that are vital and keep diseases at bay.

* Eat everything - each and every veggie, fruit, fish, dry fruit, meat, poultry, grain, legume, lentil, even oil, butter, cheese, clarified butter, salt, sugar, coffee, tea - all have one or the other health benefit. If you want to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, it is still not late; BUT you must have knowledge about the benefits.This knowledge is not only for you, but for your future generation also - you have to show them the correct way to a fit and healthy life. Yes, if a person suffers from some major health issue(s), then obviously he or she has to be temporarily careful with what to eat and what not to eat. This is a different story altogether.

* Eat in "moderation" - yes, this is the KEY to a good, nutritious, healthy lifestyle.

* Eat home - cooked food - whenever possible; BUT make sure you cook nutritious food (and not fast/junk food!)

* Say NO to processed food - I know we all are leading busy life and it is not always possible to keep a check on whether we are eating processed or unprocessed food. Still, try to avoid eating processed foods as much as you can - for your own good health to start with.

Well, you must add these top 10 superfoods to your diet, if not daily diet - at least thrice a week - and feel the difference (provided you don't eat junk or empty - calorie foods with superfoods). But of course, you have to give time - don't expect miraculous weight loss overnight!

Top 10 Superfoods to add to Diet for Weight Loss

Yes, you have read it correct; add these nutrition - dense superfoods to your diet ASAP to derive maximum health benefits - especially where weight loss is concerned.

Superfoods #1: Broccolis

This veggie tops my list of superfoods and is included in my daily diet. It is an excellent source of fiber, manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. High amount of vitamin C in broccoli acts as an excellent immune booster and folate helps maintain good heart health. The fiber promotes excellent digestive health and helps lower LDL.

Eating broccoli daily helps in reducing inflammation of muscles, especially in people who are very much into sports and gym.

Superfoods #2: Beans (powerhouse of nutrition)

Beans (be it kidney, spherical, white, black, string - whatever) have always been compared to meat in terms of calories and have been considered to be meat substitute. An excellent source of protein, iron, fiber and water, beans help in weight loss in a healthy way. Out of all the types of beans available, white beans steal the show where iron content is concerned - it is very high.

You can either cook beans separately or mix beans with some other foods - either way, it is very healthy.

For that matter, even fresh green beans are good and help in weight loss.

Superfoods #3: Nuts

I have found that most people, who are trying to lose weight, are scared to eat nuts - pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds. Nuts have somehow been blamed as that which "adds to bodyweight". It is true if you go overboard with nuts that have 80 per cent fat and very high calorie contentand overeat; it is not true if you eat nuts in moderation.Nuts are powerhouse of protein, vitamins and minerals, and the fat content is to some extent healthy for people with heart disease.

Out of all the nuts available, almonds have the lowest calorie content. Rich in calcium, vitamin E and fiber, almonds improve your skin condition and texture, and helps fight cancer. A daily dose of 6 to 8 almonds is beneficial for good health.

Therefore, if you are scared to eat nuts, leave your fear aside where almonds are concerned.

Superfoods #4: Salmons

Known as a fish with too much fat content, know that this "too much fat" is very healthy as it has very high omega 3 fatty acid content.This fat actually helps in lowering your LDL (by increasing the levels of HDL that helps in removing LDL from the arteries) and heart - related diseases.

Superfoods #5: Spinach

Rich in vitamins C, A and K, in protein and iron and with very calorie, spinach is an excellent veggie that helps in weight loss. Otherwise also, it is very helpful for health, especially for those who suffer from anemia. You can eat it in any form - raw, cooked, soup, salad, whatever way you like - it works wonders.

Superfoods#6: Cabbages

Yet another veggie for people who are on weight loss, it is known to contain vitamins C and K in high quantity, and folate. It helps keep RBCs very healthy. You can eat it in any form - raw, cooked, soup, salad, whatever way you like.

Superfoods #7: Carrots

If you want to boost and improve your immune system and also lose weight, this veggie has enough vitamins B6 and A, and carotene as an excellent healthy food.

Superfoods #8: Blackberries

Known to help in losing weight, the low - calorie blackberries contain vitamins K and C, fiber, and are excellent antioxidants. Blackberries are good breakfast option.

Superfoods #9: Red & White Grapefruits

Yet another fruit (both red and white) known to shed extra weight, red grapefruits contain vitamins C and A, and pantothenic acid. This acid helps the body to transform the macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) in great sources of energy.

White grapefruits contain potassium (helps with muscle cramps), vitamin C and folate. Both red and white are excellent breakfast option.

Superfoods #10: Green Tea

My all - time favorite! Excellent to reduce visceral fat round the belly, green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and EpiGalloCatechinGallate (EGCG). This EGCG is known to prevent growth of certain cells that cause cancer.

Drink it any time of the day but without adding milk and sugar; my personal suggestion would be not to drink green tea after 7 pm - it may disrupt your sleep.

Start with these top 10 superfoods for weight loss and add to your diet.

To take care of weight loss, simple foods that are easily available in the market, would help. Of course, you must know when to eat them, what should be the quantity and what's the nutrition value of each.