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Cycling is the Best Sport For Weight Loss

If you take a quick look on any cycling websites or tv shows you will soon notice that cyclists always tend to be very lean, slim figures. Why is this? Well with most sports or workouts the intensity is high and the body tends to source most of it's energy from stores of the bodies carbohydrates or glycogen.

Cycling is generally known as a low intensity sport. When cycling at a low intensity (not sprinting) the body tends to burn more fat that carbohydrates. The more you cycle the more efficient your body becomes at burning fats and the more they will be used as the primary source of energy.

Why is Cycling Better Than Other Sports For Weight Loss?

The great thing about cycling is that it is virtually impact free. Think about it, when you go out for a jog every time your foot hits the floor there is an impact. Over the course of say half an hour of continuous impacts damage will occur to your muscles in the form of tiny tears.

When you are cycling there is not impact as such, just constant resistance against your pedalling motion. It is for this reason that cyclists encounter far less injuries than runners. In addition you are able to cycle more for longer as the muscle damage caused by impact sports often leave you with very stiff or sore legs for a few days after a workout meaning you are unable to exercise more. Your body is able to recover much quicker form a cycling workout meaning you can workout more regularly and lose more weight.

How To Lose Weight Through Cycling

Another common misconception is that the harder you pedal the more weight you will shift. This probably explains the popularity of spinning classes in gyms. However the opposite is true, spinning tends to increase your muscle mass and burn carbohydrates not fat.

If your aim is to lose weight through cycling you are better of going for longer less intense rides as these will maximize the amount of fat your body burns.